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Bigpond Mail Setting

Emails are currently an integral part of our life, whether we are students, an employee or a business owner. We check our email inbox often for a different purpose. BigPond meets the growing demands of the individuals for having an e-mail account.

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Thank you for a great stay! We will definately come back :)

Website Dec. 15, 2016


Nice and cool park, keep going !

Nov. 18, 2016

Hurt Family

My wife, son, and I took our maiden voyage in our first camper here to Oh! Kentucky. Only a few miles from the house, but it felt like we were a state away. Such a good time for our first outing! We stayed mid October 2016. The staff was extremely friendly
and the environment was just as friendly with the other campers. Can't wait to make a return visit this spring.

Aug. 1, 2016


Is there a year restriction on RV's?

Jun. 12, 2016


My husband and I are looking at both campgrounds there in Berea for the Berea Craft Festival. I am a vender. My question is what time is cutoff before charged for another day? We would need 7-9th of July. We have a teardrop which is 8'x 4'